Complete Adult Tube

$ 2,499.99 $ 999.99

Complete adult video tube solution.

Fully customizable .

Full update for lifetime.

Full delivery 5 – 7 days

Best deal ever


We offer you the opportunity of a very profitable business.
Video tube web site package, like pornhub or xvideos , a real deal for you.
What the package contains:
– The professional wordpress professional theme for video content with a lifetime license, totally customizable.
– WordPress plug-in for importing and auto-importing lifetime licensed videos
– Full Install and settings theme according to your requirements.
– Full Install and settings plugin according to your requirements.
– Full Install and settings all widgets and ads zone .
– Importing 2.000 content of video (s) according to your requirements.
In one word you will have a turnkey professional video platform within 7 working days.

Warning: The package does not contain domain names  and hosting.
These, depending on your options, may cost you extra 150-250 dolars .
Upon request, we can help you in booking your domain and hosting.
Advantages of the package: Do not waste any time and money with checking the various non-functional variants.
The theme is well-optimized for search engines. We guarantee that on the third day you have at least 10 pages indexed in google.
Within 3 months you can have at least 2,500 pages indexed in google, which you will not succeed with other variants.
The theme is perfectly optimized for both desktop and mobile devices: tablets, phones.
Video content can be imported manually or automatically, on different days or at any desired interval.
Video can also be uploaded by your registered users.
Automatically creates thumbnails for imported video.
In fact, it is a platform that grows alone without any other intervention and without any hidden cost.
How can you win from this platform ? In several ways:
– By affiliation to other networks you can gain from viewing the materials posted by you.
– You can post advertising banners in your pages for a fee. It is designed to display banners.
– You can earn a commission to those who want to post items (videos ) to your site.
– You can win by creating backlinks to other sites in your platform.
– There are countless ways you can recover your investment very quickly and get very good profits.

Best business for you with great return of investment .



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