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You have a business or want to start a business.
It may be in any field, but at present it is mandatory to have a web page presenting your business.
Maybe you want an online store or perhaps your business will be online.
You need a presentation page or building an online store.
Here are the problems:
You need to find a web designer to create your website, you need to book a domain name, you need to find a host for your website, you have to choose the template you want, you need to make advanced settings, publish the material on the website, , various plugins must be installed and set up, online payment acceptance modules and more must be integrated and set up.
There are several options to create a website or an online store.
The first option is to create a script strictly dedicated to your business. This is the best option for those who want an online website or shop with hundreds of thousands of products and very advanced configurations. Generally, such a platform costs a few tens or hundreds of thousands of euros, and for this you need to have permanent programmers employed because any changes or adaptations are made strictly by highly qualified personnel.
We would like to address those who want to start a business with modest amounts or, anyway, their business is not so extensive that they need permanent employees to maintain or modify the website.
So in our work, we use the wordpress and prestashop platforms to create websites or online stores with looks and professional facilities.
There are thousands of advantages of these platforms over other web platforms.
The price is much lower than other platforms, there are tens of thousands of options in terms of design or facilities embedded in themes, there are tens of thousands of plugins that can bring major improvements to these platforms and last but not least, these platforms can be modified, adapted or maintained by people with minimal knowledge of the field.
Based on our experience in the field, we are now able to complete any project within 20 days, so you will be free of the stress of creating the website and focusing on your work.
Buy the required package from us, provide us with the necessary details and we start working.
In the shortest possible time, we will provide the website or online store as ordered and you will only have to manage your business.
In addition to this, we offer you an extra bonus worth over $ 2500:
Because we are also specialized in search engine optimization on the Internet and in marketing, along with the website we offer the following service package:
– indexing your site in search engines
– registering in the main online business directories in the world
– optimizing your search engine content
– Create high-quality backlinks for your website
– getting a few thousand social network signals for your business
– Promoting your business through our marketing network




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